[Event] Feast of The Clowns 2021 – The ‘Courage To Be…’

Living requires courage.  Living in Covid-times requires courage. Living post-Covid requires courage

Living without a job or home requires courage. Wanting to make the city a home for all who are in it, requires courage. Loving one’s enemy requires courage. Doing justice requires courage. Calling to account, requires courage.

Doing the right thing, requires courage.

This year’s Feast of the Clowns social justice march wants to celebrate, invite and foster courageous living, in the face of many challenges. 

Through creative partnerships, and innovative synergies, the social justice march hopes to host a vibrant collaboration, within a small budget, demonstrating what is possible when a community gathers together to celebrate and express life and justice.

The format of the Feast will fuse local culture, justice workers, and enterprises. At the same time, it will build bridges between University of Pretoria and other communities in the city, that are not often engaged with social justice urban issues.

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