about us

The Centre for Faith and Community at the University of Pretoria is committed to the formation of community and church leaders for contextual engagement in their communities. The Centre fulfils its mandate through continued education and engaged research in partnership with local communities.

This is only the RESEARCH website of the Centre.

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The Centre’s research approach is to follow a praxis-methodology, assuming deep local immersion in communities, from where analytical, reflective, visioning and strategic tools are employed to read society, to foster a critical consciousness, and to make urban change. 
Our research is engaged and trans-disciplinary, bringing together academics, activists, practitioners and community members, to share diverse experiences and knowledges, to collaborate as equals, to facilitate new partnerships, and to foster ownership for change-making and policy formation from below

The four research themes are:

  • Faith in the City
  • Children, Faith, and Society
  • Social Justice and Reconciliation
  • Spirituality and Health